Cool Stuff

Cicada Shell by Kyle Vernier

Bug Shell.jpg

I saw this Cicada shell on a tree today while walking around the neighborhood. I use to carry my camera everywhere, but I had kind of stopped. It seemed like I hardly used it. Today I grabbed it as I walked out the door and I'm glad I did. Cell phone cameras are great but I still think it is more fun to take a picture with a dedicated camera. I took this with a Fuji X10. Which is sort of a point and shoot with all manual controls that also shoots RAW. 


Philip Glass Buddha Machine by Kyle Vernier

This Philip Glass Buddha Machine is the such a great thing. I saw them posted online and I immediately bought one. I've been just letting it play as I do stuff, such as nap in my chair, and it is great. Most of the loops are long enough that they don't get annoyingly repetitive. I mean they are repetitive but that is sort of a big part of Philip Glass's music so it works. Often when I'm sitting around playing an instrument I'll just play the same riff over and over and over, there is something meditative about it. This is like that except it's coming from a cool little red machine about the size of a deck of cards.