Experiments in Film Photography by Kyle Vernier


In the fall and winter of 2018 I assembled a really rough and small photo darkroom in my basement. I’ve been trying to get back up to speed on developing film and printing photographs. It has been a lot of fun. I’ve mostly been experimenting. I am trying to focus a little more and to take things a little more seriously. I’m still a long way from producing quality work, but I’m really enjoying getting a little better each time I have a darkroom session.

Out of Season by Kyle Vernier

For a while Audrey was going through a lot of vernacular photographs at estate sales and flea markets looking for references for her paintings. I’d sort of dig with her and when I found a photo of non-professional baseball stuff I’d pick it up. I don’t have a ton of these. Just the stuff here.

Experiment 27 by Kyle Vernier

I’ve had sometime off work; American Thanksgiving plus a few days of vacation. One of my projects for the break was to record some music. I wanted to work on a multitrack recording. What I’ve got here is still just an experiment and doesn’t achieve the status of song. But, it was fun to work on here and there over the last week.