Three O'Clock High by Kyle Vernier


I've been listening to The Pure Cinema Podcast and this movie came up as an under appreciated 80s high school movie in the vein of Better Off Dead. Better Off Dead is one of my favorite 80s movies so I was excited to see Three O'Clock High. While all of the elements are there some how Three O'Clock High doesn't work. The camera work and lighting is good. I think in some ways things aren't  played big enough. Also, we aren't given enough background on the characters to care about them. Especially Jerry and Buddy. I liked Three O'Clock High well enough but I never need to see it again. 


Isle of Dogs by Kyle Vernier


Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors. He basically started making movies around the time I became aware of independent/ art movies in high school. I've liked all of his movies and I liked Isle of Dogs, but it isn't my favorite.  


The Brasher Doubloon (6/10) by Kyle Vernier


Another Marlowe movie. This one's based on The High Window, but doesn't even approach the level of the novel. The Brasher Doubloon isn't bad, just kind of boring in places. George Montgomery isn't the best Marlowe, but he certainly isnt the worst. There was enough to keep me watching, but I'll admit to a little web browsing a couple times.


Lady in the Lake. by Kyle Vernier


The one interesting thing about this movie is that it is essentially all first person POV as Marlowe. Otherwise it is a terribly boring movie with one of the worst Marlowe interpretations I've seen. Too bad because I thought the book was really good. 


Carnival of Souls by Kyle Vernier


This seemed like the kind of movie where they were like, -we've got acess to a pipe organ factory, an abandoned dance hall and boarding house what kind of movie should we make. in the best way.



Thunder Road by Kyle Vernier


Robert Mitchem stars in, wrote the concept for and co-wrote the theme song to this movie. Plus, his son plays his brother in it. Crazy.