Only the Lonely / by Kyle Vernier


After watching Marty I was reading a little bit about the movie and saw that Chris Columbus wrote and directed his own version starring John Candy and produced by John Hughes. How had I never seen this movie? After seeing it, I think the reason is that the movie is ho-hum and so it received little notice after is disappeared from theaters and movie rentals shelves.

The life of mediocre cultural products sort of fascinates me. Most movies I watch, books I read and music I listen to are old. There is this idea of pulling the hidden cultural gems out of the past and to show them to the light of the modern day as noble and cool. But most things aren't gems, most things aren't precious at all. They come and go from our lives without making much impact. I think in someway those things should be celebrated too. People worked hard on these things, spent their time and energy. Today we celebrate the extremes of our cultural past. We adore and study the brilliance and unique genius of great works and we laugh and entertain ourselves with the hilarious failures and missteps. In the middle lies an ocean of just ok stuff. 

Anyhow, Only the Lonely is just ok. The racism of the Rose character is not funny by today's standards, and I wonder if it was even for 1990.