Seth's Dominion / by Kyle Vernier


A friend of mine recently posted a link to a short little video about the cartoonist Seth's house (embedded below). I'm a big fan of Seth's, but honestly I haven't been keeping up with comics as much as a used to. I pick up a few every year when I hear about stuff from my favorite artists coming out. But otherwise I don't see that much. So it was a delightful surprise to see a link to a documentary trailer for a movie called Seth's Dominion after the video played. I rented the documentary last night from Amazon. I find Seth fascinating. I totally understand his desire to more or less art direct his life. Atheistically control nearly all aspects of it. It just must be exhausting. The world wants so much to steal your time, your money, your thoughts. Keeping that at bay seems so difficult. The documentary explores Seth's own personal works, things that he produces for no one but himself. I loved that part. He says in the documentary "There is something very valuable about producing art for yourself." I think that it very true. I've been thinking a lot about that same idea recently. I've been sort of dabbling in darkroom photography again. And it is something I do just for myself, I mean really most everything I do is. But this seems decidedly like I'm going to print these photographs just to hang on my own wall. It is extraordinary fulfilling. 


I thought the documentary was very good and I'm glad I saw it.