Born to Kill (1947) (7/10) / by Kyle Vernier


In Born to Kill Lawrence Tierney plays Sam Wilde a psychopath with no emotional range. For some reason all women love him. Helen Brent (Claire Trevor) sees him for what he is and loves him all the more for it because she is crazy too. Here's the thing about this movie; it's hard to relate to any of the characters. I ended up not caring about what happened to any of them.  That made the whole thing a little boring.


I watched this because I loved The Set-Up so much and this is Robert Wise' first noir. Born to Kill is half the movie The Set-Up is. Lawrence Tierney's performance as Sam Wilde is so boring, he plays it totally flat. If Sam Wilde was played more evilly or if he had a super charming side and an evil side it'd be much better. Also the camera work is much less exciting and the movie lacks any interesting lighting beyond the first 15 minutes. It was an ok movie.