San Quentin (1937) (***) / by Kyle Vernier

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I went to the library and picked-up a group of old noir/crime movies. I wasn't paying particular attention who or what they were about. But San Quentin has Humphrey Bogart in a secondary role as a Restaurant thief. Does that mean he dined and dashed? Anyhow he ends up in San Quentin prison where the new Yard Captain just so happens to be his loving sister's new boyfriend. A couple of things; I usually like prison stuff, I don't know why; I don't know if this is the first movie to do it but there is the classic "calling all cars, calling all cars...." scene in this; there is a great car chase that includes attempting to out ride a train, honestly it was a good chase. Anyhow this is an good movie, not great, not really good like 3.5 stars good. 

My favorite prison movie of all time is Doing Time. The manga, which is autobiographical, it is based on is even better. Doing Time isn't an action or tough guy American prison movie. It is a very calm, meditative movie about life in a Japanese prison. I highly recommend it.