Crumb (10/10) / by Kyle Vernier


I've seen Crumb maybe more than I've seen any other movie aside from Star Wars. The thing is I'm not actually that interested in Crumb's comics. I've read a number of them but the expression of pure inner darkness can be a bit much for me. I love his illustration work though and I really love the work he did with Harvey Pekar. I don't know what it is about the movie that is so appealing. Of course the oppurtunity to see him draw is a big part of it. Seeing his home and studio has a certain appeal. To hear him talk about how he thinks of the world and his own fame and his family are all really interesting as well. I think maybe part of what comes through in the film is Terry Zwigoff's admiration and fascination with his friend. This is a movie that could only have been made by one friend about about another.