The Body Snatcher (8/10) / by Kyle Vernier

Body Snatcher.jpg

The cool thing about how nearly all media is now available instantly is that it is easy to follow little trails of interest into new areas. That is how ended watching the Body Snatcher. I was scrolling through FilmStruck's catalog and saw The Body Snatcher in a collection of Val Lewton productions. I hadn't heard of it before but it was Directed by Robert Wise, who directed a couple of noir movies I've recently watched and liked, and it starred Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. All of that plus it being October lead me to watching it. Boris Karloff is great as Joe Gray a Cabman and freelance retriever of medical cadavers. Robert Wise really uses the limited budget to it's fullest. The sets are claustrophobic and dark. The camera work isn't grandiose but it still works well. So often low budget movies seem to be made up entirely of overly wide master shots, this movie doesn't have that problem. Bela Lugosi's part is very limited and he doesn't do much with it, but it is still cool to see him and Boris together.