Black Friday (1940) (7/10) / by Kyle Vernier

Blak Friday.jpg

I recently watched The Body Snatcher starring Karloff and Lugosi which I liked, so when I saw Black Friday while scrolling through some movies I thought I'd give it a try.  The beginning of Black Friday is very promising but it never really lives up to that promise. The movie is short but it sort of drags on in the middle section. Karloff plays a doctor facing the electric chair for killing his friend and performing an illegal brain transplant surgery which leads to disastrous consequences. Lugosi isn't given much to do in the movie, playing the part of a gang leader. The narrative device of Karloff's medical diary moving the plot along while at first is kind of interesting soon it just becomes boring. Still, this isn't a terrible movie and it interestingly blends Science Fiction, Horror and Thriller into a single movie.