How to be Idle / by Kyle Vernier


I heard about this book in an interview with Maris Bamford. She praised To Hodkinson's idler philosophy and its impact on her life. There are entire chapters of this book I only skimmed. The chapters on drinking meant little to me.  But I found the chapter on idle living at home very interesting. I'm ripe for the ideas in this book right now. I feel very trapped by our focus on work over life in the US. It is an honest struggle I'm having daily. But here is the thing about this book, it assumes a high level of privilege. It was written before our culture was caught up in the idea of privilege, but none the less it assumes that most people are capable of independently producing the necessities of life. This is obviously not true. For many people 40 hour weeks would not produce enough income to sustain themselves and their dependents let alone a reduced work week. So there are problems with his ideas, but I think the main ideas contained in here are true; find happiness when and where you can, get to know yourself and your true dreams and desires, slow down, resist the demands of outside influence, work towards independence.