The Executioners / by Kyle Vernier


The Executioners was the basis for the Cape Fear movies. I've actually never seen either of the filmed versions, but I've added the 1961 original to my watch list.

The book can be oftly cornbsyat times. At first that really turned me off. But the plot is compelling and the dark psychological elements help to even out the cornier material. 

During the Korean War Sam, a former navy lieutenant, lawyer, husband and father of three, is witness to a rape. His testimony puts the rapist, Mac Cady an Army private, behind bars for life. But for some reason the Army decides Cady has served his time after 14 years and they let him go. In those 14 years he's done nothing but plan revenge on Sam. Now Sam, a true law abiding citizen, has to defend his family against an unpredictable force. 

It's a quick read, which makes some of the more objectionable parts easier to tolerate.