Steps 1 and 2 / by Kyle Vernier

I've been interested in analog synthesizers from the first time I heard The Rentals. That was the first time that I really understood what an analog synthesizer was. And since that time I've always kind of wanted one. Audrey had a Moog Rogue briefly when we were in college and it was fun and cool, when we got it to work. It had to be sold to pay for stuff college students need. I'm guessing rent and pizza. 

Anyhow, now I want to build my own synthesizer. So I'm starting at the beginning. I don't know much about electronics. I mean, I've soldered a few things but nothing big. Mostly just fixing stuff. So I'm going to work my way though the Make: Electronics book and then move on to the Make: Analog Synthesizers book. On a sad note, Ray Wilson the author of Make: Analog Synthesizers passed away sort of recently. His information packed website Music From Outer Space is still up and running and it is a seemingly un-ending resource of information for DIY synthesizer enthusiasts.