Rock and Roll Music / by Kyle Vernier


I'm not a great or even good musician, but I've always liked playing music. In high school I was in a couple of bands, but I haven't really played in one since. Though I always imagine putting an ad on Craigslist.

Mid 30s terrible guitar player seeks equally terrible bass player and drummer to start band. Must enjoy the Ramones, power chords, and not playing too late because I've got to work in the morning and I like my neighbors.

 Over the years I've played around with Garage Band and stuff a couple of times, recording toy instruments and stuff. Lately, I've wanted to get a little more into it. I bought a USB audio interface for my computer and I bought a new (to me) electric guitar. I also bought a guitar kit and I'm working on putting that together. I'm sure I'll get more into that stuff in the future. 

The point of this post is, I booted up Garage Band for the first time in many years and I pulled some of my early experiments off of it. Really it is just me messing around with the built in mic on my computer and whatever instruments I had laying around.  Good musician or not, it is really fun to make music. Maybe one day I'll place that Craigslist ad.